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It started with an observation


Robert Klein Founder

Robert Klein

In 2003, Safeguard Properties’ late Founder Robert Klein noticed a lack of industry conferences focused solely on property preservation. While often a topic of conversation, at that time preservation was always a small part of a larger conference. Looking to provide an outlet for industry leaders to collaborate and innovate, Klein began formulating a plan that would bring together all facets of the mortgage field services industry to discuss pressing issues and develop solutions.

In November 2004, the first annual National Property Preservation Conference (NPPC) was held in Washington, DC. An intimate affair, the two-day conference drew leaders from HUD, the GSEs, mortgage servicing, and property preservation companies from across the country. Historic in its spirit of partnership, the conference gained the support needed to ensure its continued success today.


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NPPC is a cornerstone event for mortgage industry professionals. Covering critical topics from policy, regulation, compliance, and procedure related to property preservation and service, NPPC is a can’t-miss assembly of thought leaders shaping the future of mortgage servicing.
— Ed Delgado, President & CEO, Five Star Global
I have had the opportunity to attend and speak at the National Property Preservation Conference over the last few years, and I have enjoyed each experience. The conference provides a more intimate setting, solid line up of speakers and topics, as well as a thoughtful flow throughout the events. The technology used to put on the conference from audio and visual to scheduling and mobile apps raises the bar.
— Jason Chapman, Director of Property Preservation & Field QC, Fannie Mae
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Fifteen years ago, Robert Klein had the vision to organize a conference dedicated to property preservation. His strategy was to bring together all relevant parties of the mortgage industry to discuss issues and identify solutions. The creation of the National Property Preservation Conference — “NPPC” — was a game changer for our industry. Never before had conversation and collaboration around property preservation been so great. NPPC 2019 will be no exception. It goes without saying that we will all continue to work hard to make positive improvements. There is no doubt in my mind that our continued discussions, dialogue and progress would make Robert very proud.
— Jodi Gaines, Former Vice Chair, CRFS


Since the inaugural conference, much has changed. Major disasters, such as hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, destroyed communities forcing the nation to come together in restoring those hardest hit. The economy and housing market crashed and continues on a path to recovery, while municipal, state and federal laws and regulations evolve and change, driving the industry to adapt appropriately.

As we continue to work our way through the aftermath of these events and changes, one thing is clear: the NPPC continues to be the only outlet for the mortgage field services industry to collaborate on how to best preserve and protect vacant and abandoned properties. We thank all who partner with us each year to aid in improving and expanding the conference, as well as those who attend to offer their insight and guidance.