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Baltimore, Md., Sept. 21, 2017 -- This year's National Property Preservation Conference will once again feature sessions covering the most relevant topics and hot-button issues facing the industry. Included will be the all-new session, “What Would the Investors Do?” Listen in as officials from each investor address case studies documenting roadblocks mortgage field services companies face at properties every day and offer comments on their organization's recommendations or approach. Afterwards, explore the subject further by engaging the panel in an interactive Q&A session. Register today.

About the National Property Preservation Conference (NPPC): The 2017 NPPC takes place from Nov. 7-9 at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore, Md. For the past 12 years, leaders, servicers and investors from across the mortgage industry gather to discuss current topics and develop solutions for the future. Through communication and teamwork, we build consensus and establish standards for policies and services. You are invited to share in the dialogue. We encourage you to forward this information to your peers and clients to help expand conference participation. Take this opportunity to be a part of a forum for strengthening partnerships, cooperation, and support throughout the industry, which is imperative to the continued success of all involved in mortgage servicing.

In November 2004, the first annual National Property Preservation Conference (NPPC) was held in Washington, DC. An intimate affair, the two-day conference drew leaders from HUD, the GSEs, mortgage servicing and property preservation companies from across the country. Historic in its spirit of partnership, the conference gained the support needed to ensure its continued success today